Meta: Last Waltz With Luthor

Part 1:

KARA ZOR-EL (Supergirl): The former Supergirl of Earth 1.5, whose universe diverged from Earth-1's shortly after the JLA-JSA teamup in which she participated in (JLA #231-232).  She relocated to Rokyn, the planet settled by Kryptonians from Kandor (including her parents) in response to a challenge from an old foe, Black Flame.  Since then she has been a sports star, a businesswoman, and is presently an actress.  In company with Supergirl of Earth 1.75, she destroyed the Anti-Monitor and helped abort the Crisis on Infinite Earths, but does not remember this as she was in a dreaming state when she accomplished it.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #252)

SUPERMAN (Kal-El, aka Clark Kent): The greatest super-hero of Earth 1.5, rocketed to Earth from the dying planet Krypton by his father, the scientist Jor-El.  Superman has been an active super-hero for about 31 years, man and boy, by the time of this story.  (1st app: MORE FUN COMICS #101)

VAN-ZEE: A Kandorian and a physical double for Superman, secretly Nightwing, the Batman of New Kandor.  He fell in love with Lois Lane from afar but failed to win her heart, so he ended up marrying Sylvia DeWitt, a double for Lois Lane.  He is the father of Lyle-Zee and Lili Van-Zee.  (1st app: LOIS LANE #15)

SYLVIA DEWITT VAN-ZEE: An Earthwoman and physical double for Lois Lane.  She was romanced by Van-Zee, who was attracted to her because of her Lois-like looks, and accepted his proposal of marriage.  She was given super-powers by a serum of Van-Zee’s devising, though they only manifest themselves in non-Kryptonian environiments.  She is the mother of Lyle-Zee and Lili Van-Zee.  (1st app: LOIS LANE #15)

ZOR-EL: The father of Kara Zor-El and husband of Allura Zor-El.  He is also the brother of the late Jor-El, Superman’s father, and thus uncle to Superman.  He and his wife survived the destruction of Argo City by beaming themselves into the Survival Zone.  After they were released from it on Earth, they relocated to Kandor.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #252)

ALLURA ZOR-EL (nee’ Allura In-Ze): The mother of Kara Zor-El and aunt of Superman.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #252)

NEW KANDOR: Capital city of Rokyn.

ROKYN: The Krypton-like planet on which the Kandorians settled after they were enlarged by Superman and Supergirl.  (1st app: SUPERMAN #338)

KRYPTON: The homeworld of the Kryptonians, which was destroyed by the explosion of its uranium core.  (1st app: MORE FUN COMICS #101)

LYLE-ZEE: The son of Van-Zee and Sylvia Van-Zee.  Though he was born only 13 Earth years ago, he spent his first five years in a dimension with a different time-ratio from Earth’s and thus is 18 years old.  (1st app: LOIS LANE #15)

LILI VAN-ZEE: The daughter of Van-Zee and Sylvia Van-Zee, also 18 years of age thru the same circumstances as her brother Lyle.  (1st app: LOIS LANE #15)

SUPER-GIRL: A female counterpart of Superman, created by a magic totem which granted Jimmy Olsen’s wish sometime before Kara Zor-El landed on Earth.  She sacrificed her life to save Superman from Kryptonite and, by her wish, was made nonexistent through Jimmy’s use of the totem.  (1st app: SUPERMAN #123)

QUEEN LUCRETIA: The teenaged queen of Borgonia, who fled to America with her duenna to escape a count who plotted against her.  She ended up in Smallville, where her friendship with Superboy and her athletic prowess led to her being nicknamed “Supergirl”.  Superboy developed a crush on her, but helped her return to Borgonia and defeat the count, after which she resumed the throne. (1st app: SUPERBOY #5)

BORGONIA: The South American country from which Queen Lucretia hailed.  (1st app: SUPERBOY #5)

BETTY: A Smallville schoolgirl on whom Clark Kent had what was probably his first big crush.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #119)

SMALLVILLE: The small town near Metropolis in which Superboy was raised.  (1st app: MORE FUN COMICS #101, but named in SUPERBOY #10)

JIMMY OLSEN: Superman’s greatest friend, a fellow reporter of Clark Kent’s at the Daily Planet, and, as Elastic Lad, a reserve member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Batman once revealed his secret identity to him on a case.  (1st app: SUPERMAN #91)

LOIS LANE: Superman’s love interest and fellow reporter of Clark Kent at the Daily Planet.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #128)

SUPERMAN REVENGE SQUAD: A group of interplanetary criminals who all share a grudge against Superman and have sought to destroy him ever since he was Superboy.  Formerly they were a deposed tyrannic regime from Wexr II.  (1st app: SUPERBOY #94)

KANDOR: A former city of Krypton which was shrunken, along with its inhabitants, by Brainiac and placed in a bottle.  Years later, Superman recovered the bottle-city and placed it in his Fortress for safekeeping.  A few years prior to this story, he and Supergirl succeeded in enlarging Kandor on the Krypton-like planet later named Rokyn.   (1st app: ACTION COMICS #242)

FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE: The hidden Arctic headquarters of Superman.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #241)

LANA LANG: Co-anchor with Clark Kent of the WGBS TV evening news broadcast, who has known Superman since he was Superboy and they both lived in Smallville.  Lana has been a rival of Lois Lane for Superman’s hand for years, but he has admitted that he is really in love with Lois.  (1st app: SUPERBOY #10)
MR. DEWITT: Father of Sylvia Van-Zee and grandfather of Lyle-Zee and Lili Van-Zee.  (1st app: behind the scenes in LOIS LANE #15)

KALYA VAR-EL: Mother of Van-Zee.  (No real appearance; named in KRYPTON CHRONICLES #3.)

ZE: Name of Allura Zor-El’s family.  Her maiden name was Allura In-Ze.  (Named in KRYPTON CHRONICLES #3)

LADY JASMINE (Jara): A pro wrestler and former foe of Kara’s who briefly took the title away from her by defeating her in a bout, before Kara beat her in a rematch and retired champion.  Now a friend of Kara’s, she won the title in Kara’s abscence and also serves as a stuntgirl on Kara’s movies.  (1st app: “Tag-Team Terror”)

PHANTOM ZONE: A shadowy dimension, discovered by Jor-El, to which Kryptonian criminals were sentenced, allowing them to survive Krypton’s destruction.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #283)

FAORA HU-UL: A mass murderess from Krypton, a former Phantom Zone inmate,  and a mistress of the martial arts.  She engaged Kara Zor-El in fierce hand-to-hand combat a few months before the time of this story and was defeated.   Shyla Kor-Onn killed her later to stop her from shooting Kara.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #471)

AR-ROM STUDIOS: The movie company on Rokyn for which Kara Zor-El works under exclusive contract.  (1st app: “Zoners”)

AK-VAR: A Kandorian scientist, former criminal,  and friend of Van-Zee who, in the secret identity of Flamebird, helps him fight crime when Van assumes his Nightwing identity.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #336)

THARA AK-VAR: Van-Zee’s niece and the wife of Ak-Var.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #336)

TONN: The legendary female astronaut who reportedly married the male astronaut Kryp, who was stranded on Krypton with her, and was reputed to be the mother of all Kryptonians.  (1st app:  SUPERMAN #238)

KRYP: The legendary male astronaut who was reportedly stranded with the female astronaut Tonn on Krypton, married her, and was reputed to be the father of all Kryptonians.  (1st app: SUPERMAN #238)

LYLA LERROL: A fabulous beauty queen and movie star of old Krypton.  Superman met her when he was thrown back in time and space to Krypton before its destruction and his own birth.  They fell in love with each other and planned marriage, but before this could occur another chance occurrence sent Superman back into space.  Judging the universe needed him more than he needed a wife, Superman bitterly decided against returning to old Krypton and perishing with it.  Lyla died when Krypton exploded.  (1st app: SUPERMAN #141)

KIL-LOR: A Kryptonian fascist who planned to overthrow the government and set up a dictatorship.  He was foiled by Jor-El, Lara, and a time-travelling Superman, and died accidentally by his own hand when he created Kryptonite.  (1st app: SUPERMAN #123)

KRYPTONOPOLIS: One of the twin capitals of Krypton before its destruction.  Jor-El, Lara, and Kal-El lived there.  (1st app: SUPERMAN #132?)

JOR-EL: Father of Superman, husband of Lara Zor-El, brother of Zor-El, brother-in-law of Allura Zor-El, and uncle of Kara Zor-El.  He and Lara died in the destruction of Krypton, but he launched a rocket that bore his son Kal-El to Earth. (1st app: MORE FUN COMICS #101)

LARA JOR-EL: Mother of Superman, wife of Jor-El, sister-in-law to Zor-El and Allura, aunt of Kara Zor-El.  She and Jor-El died in the destruction of Krypton.  (1st app: MORE FUN COMICS #101)

BRAINIAC: A humanoid computer created by the tyrants of Colu, one of Superman’s greatest enemies.  He had a brief encounter with baby Kal-El on Krypton.  He shrank several cities along with their inhabitants, including Kandor, a Kryptonian city, and preserved them in specially-constructed bottles.   Superman recovered the bottle-city of Krypton from Brainiac in their first adult encounter.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #242)

SURVIVAL ZONE: A dimension similar to the Phantom Zone but on another vibrational wavelength, into which Zor-El and Allura projected themselves to survive the destruction of Argo City.  They were later released from it by Supergirl and Fred Danvers.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #309)

LORRA: A mythical love goddess of ancient Krypton.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #299)

LORI LEMARIS: A fish-tailed, water-breathing mermaid from Atlantis.  She briefly met Superboy when both were teenagers, but both had their memories cleansed of that encounter.  Later, she met Clark Kent when both were in Metropolis University, where Lori disguised her condition by using a wheelchair and a serum that enabled her to breathe air.  Superman fell in love with her, but she ended up marrying an Atlantean surgeon named Ronal and having a son and daughter.  (1st app: SUPERMAN #129)

MIDVALE ORPHANAGE: The institution in which Kara lived, as Linda Lee, between the time of her arrival on Earth and her adoption by Fred and Edna Danvers.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #252)

TO-BIN: Executive and chief assistant to the head of Ar-Rom Studios.  (1st app: “Zoners”)

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA: A large group of super-heroes to which Superman belongs, formed when the heroes of Earth teamed together on two separate occasions to save Earth from alien invasions.  Other members include Aquaman, the Atom, Batman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Black Canary, the Red Tornado, Wonder Woman, and several others.  (1st app: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #28)

BATMAN (Bruce Wayne): Superman’s greatest heroic friend, teammate, and fellow member of the Justice League of America.  After young Bruce Wayne saw his parents gunned down by underworld hitman Joe Chill, he swore to develop his body and brain to perfection and war on all criminals.  A bat inspired him to create the secret identity of the Batman.  The Justice League members and Jimmy Olsen know his true identity.  (1st app: SUPERMAN #76)

GREEN LANTERN (Hal Jordan): Earth super-hero, member of the Green Lantern Corps and the Justice League of America.  He was given a power ring and lantern-shaped battery by the dying Abin Sur, an alien who had been the Green Lantern of Hal’s space-sector.  The ring’s power, directed by his will, can do almost anything except affect the color yellow.  (1st app: SHOWCASE #22)

DR. CYBER (Sofia): The former leader of a large group of female agents who sought world domination.  She was thwarted by Diana Prince, who had lost her Wonder Woman powers at that time, and later had her face terribly mutilated.  Dr. Cyber was responsible for the murder of Steve Trevor, since reanimated by Aphrodite, and remains a staunch foe of Wonder Woman.  She is the sister of Starfire.  (1st app: WONDER WOMAN #179)

STARFIRE (Stella): Another leader of a large group of female agents who sought world domination.  She was thwarted by Supergirl, but succeeded in causing her to experience power-losses for a few months.  Starfire has only one functional eye and wears an eyepatch, and is an extremely skilled fighter.  She is the sister of Dr. Cyber. (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #402)

NASTHALIA LUTHOR: The cousin of Lex Luthor and a former rival of Supergirl’s, whom she was determined to expose as being Linda Danvers.  She lost contact with Linda and Supergirl when the latter moved away from San Francisco.  (1st app: ADVENTURE COMICS #397)

WONDER WOMAN (Princess Diana, aka Diana Prince): Super-heroine and member of the Justice League of America.  She was created when the goddess Aphrodite gave life to a statue of a baby girl molded by Queen Hippolyte of the Amazons.  Diana was blessed with great strength, speed, and intellect by the Greco-Roman gods and won the right to leave Paradise Island and come to Man’s World as a heroine after Col. Steve Trevor crash-landed on the island.  (1st app: WONDER WOMAN #78)

STARFIRE (Princess Koriander): An orange-skinned teenage female alien with incendiary and flight powers due to the experimentation of the Psion race.  She fled her tormentors, came to Earth, and helped found the New Teen Titans.  (1st app: DC COMICS PRESENTS #26)
TEEN TITANS: A group of formerly adolescent super-heroes who were originally the teenaged partners of several Justice League members.  Some members, such as Robin, Wonder Girl, Speedy, and the Flash II (Wally West) are well into their twenties now, and the group is soon to rename itself the New Titans.  (1st app: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #54)

LENA THORUL: The sister of Lex Luthor, who gained psychic powers when exposed to a space-brain Superboy brought to Lex as a gift.  After Lex was disowned by his parents, who subsequently died, the family changed its last name to Thorul.  For many years, she was ignorant of her relationship to famed criminal Lex Luthor.  She is a widow, having been the wife of Jeff Colby, an FBI agent who died a few years previous to this story, and is the mother of Val Thorul, a boy who has some telekinetic powers.  (1st app: LOIS LANE #23)

LEX LUTHOR: Superman’s greatest enemy and a criminal scientist nonpareil, also the brother of Lena Thorul, the uncle of Val Colby, and the former husband of Ardora and father of Lex Luthor, Jr., both of whom died in the holocaust that destroyed their homeworld.  Lex was originally a friend of Superboy’s, until the Boy of Steel accidentally caused a chemical fire that destroyed a life-form Lex had created and caused him to lose his hair.  Since then, Lex has hated Superboy (later Superman) and sought to destroy him, usually through applications of his scientific genius.  His hatred became reinforced after he blamed the Man of Steel for the deaths of his wife and son.  (1st app: ACTION COMICS #199)

ARDORA: Native of the planet Lexor, wife of Lex Luthor, and mother of his child, Lex Luthor, Jr.  She and her son died in a holocaust that destroyed her planet, for which Luthor blames Superman.  (1st app: SUPERMAN #164)

Part 2:

GHI-SONN III: Head of Ar-Rom studios on Rokyn, which employs Kara Zor-El as an actress.  Intro: “Zoners” (my story).

NAR-ES: Kara’s manager.  Married to Hira, her trainer.  Intro: “Rematch on Rokyn” (my story).

SECRET HEARTS: A soap opera on Earth on which Linda Danvers was an actress.

VAN-OL: Rokynian movie scripter.  Intro: This story.

FOX, LUCIUS: Bruce Wayne’s major domo at Wayne Industries.  Intro: BATMAN #307.

THORUL, VAL (also VAL COLBY): Young son of Lena Thorul and the late Jeff Colby, nephew of Lex Luthor.  Val possesses telekinetic abilities, an offshoot of his mother’s psychic powers.  Intro: ADVENTURE COMICS #387.

STRONG, CAPTAIN HORATIO: Sailor and ally of Superman who gains super-strength from consuming the rare Sauncha form of seaweed.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #421.

JAX-UR: Phantom Zone inmate and Kryptonian criminal, exiled by Jor-El to the Zone for a rocket mishap that led to the destruction of one of Krypton’s inhabited moons.  Now one of Superman’s greatest enemies.  Intro: ADVENTURE COMICS #290.

LUTHOR, LEX OF EARTH-2.5: A European scientist and criminal who first came to the attention of that world’s Superman while trying to foment war between the nations of Toran and Galonia.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #23.

SUPERMAN OF EARTH-2.5 (Kal-L, aka Clark Kent): Counterpart of the Earth-1.5 Superman.  Member of the Justice Society of America and his world’s greatest hero.  Married to Lois Lane Kent.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #1.

POWER GIRL (Kara Zor-L, aka Karen Starr): Earth-2 counterpart of Supergirl. Rocketed to Earth in a slower rocket by her father Zor-L, she grew up during the voyage and was found and trained as a young adult by Superman.  Intro: ALL-STAR COMICS #58.

WHITE STAR: Kara’s cat.  Intro: “Pain and Jasmine” (my story).

THORUL, JULES, nee’ JULES LUTHOR. Father of Lex Luthor and Lena Thorul.  He disowned his son after Lex’s criminal activities and moved away with his wife and daughter, changing the family name to Thorul.  Later he and his wife, Arlene, were killed in an auto accident.  Intro: SUPERMAN’S GIRL FRIEND, LOIS LANE #23.

THORUL, ARLENE, nee’ ARLENE LUTHOR.  Mother of Lex Luthor and Lena Thorul.  She was killed along with her husband Jules in an auto accident.  Intro: SUPERMAN’S GIRL FRIEND, LOIS LANE #23.

LATHAM, ROLAND, nee’ ROBERT LUTHOR.  Brother of Jules Thorul and father of Nasthalia Luthor.  He changed his name after Lex’s notoriety and is a psychologist in Scarsdale.  Intro: This story.

LEXOR: The world in deep space whose inhabitants were saved from disaster by Lex Luthor, whom they appointed as their ruler and for whom they gratefully named their world.  Lex’s wife, Ardora I, was a Lexorian, but she and his son, Lex, Jr., died with the rest of the population when a power-bolt from Lex’s warsuit was deflected into a power-rod buried deep in the planet’s interior and destroyed the entire world.  Intro: SUPERMAN #164.

Part 4:

WARPORT: Teleportational device used to travel between Krypton and Earth.  Can only be accessed by approved persons, such as Superman, Supergirl, and anyone cleared by the Rokynian government.  Developed from a prototype created by Jor-El and an Earth scientist.  The Earth receiver / transmitter is located in the Fortress of Solitude.  Intro: “Rematch on Rokyn” (my story).

DRYGUR MOLIOM: Ruler of Rokyn.  Also the ruler of Krypton, when it existed.  Elected every few years from among the Science Council.

HENDERSON, INSPECTOR BILL.  Inspector of the Metropolis Police Department and longtime ally of Superman.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #442.

EDGE, MORGAN.  Wealthy and powerful owner of Galaxy Broadcasting and the Daily Planet. Clark Kent’s boss.  Intro: SUPERMAN #241.

COYLE, JOSH.  Producer of Clark Kent’s TV news show.  Intro: SUPERMAN #258.

CONWAY, LAURA.  Morgan Edge’s secretary.  Intro: SUPERMAN’S PAL, JIMMY OLSEN #139.

JORDAN, CAROL FERRIS.  Wife and boss (not necessarily in that order) of Hal Jordan, Green Lantern of Earth.  Intro: SHOWCASE #22.

NORDO, WANDA.  Mistress of Lex Luthor and member of his assault team.  Intro: SUPERMAN #385.

STATLER, PLUTO and PLATO.  Siamese twins and members of Lex Luthor’s assault team.  Intro: SUPERMAN #385.

MALONO, LOUTO: Ex-wrestler, now fitted with a powerful steel arm, and member of Lex Luthor’s assault team.  Intro: SUPERMAN #385.

Part 5:

KID FLASH (Wally West): Super-hero and member of the New Titans.  Wally West gained super-speed due to an accident that duplicated the method in which his idol, the Flash, gained his.  He was trained as a super-hero by the Flash, who has since left the 20th Century.  Intro: THE FLASH #110.

HAWKMAN (Katar Hol, aka Carter Hall): Super-hero and member of the Justice League of America.  A native and policeman of the planet Thanagar, he and his wife Shayera (Hawkgirl) came to Earth in search of a fugitive criminal and remained there to study police methods on Terra.  Intro: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #34.

ABSORBASCON: A Thanagarian device which allows the wearer to absorb information from a given planet.  Hawkman and Hawkgirl used it to learn about Earth when they arrived there.  Intro:  BRAVE AND THE BOLD #34.

AQUAMAN (Arthur Curry): Super-hero and member of the Justice League, also king of Atlantis.  Aquaman is the son of an American lighthouse keeper and an exiled Atlantean princess.  As such, he is amphibious, can swim at hyper-speed, is a bit stronger than a normal human, and has telepathic powers that enable him to command all sea life.  Intro: ADVENTURE COMICS #215.

PHANTOM STRANGER: Mysterious hero and member of the Justice League of America, possessor of loosely defined magical powers.  Has several conflicting origins, but the most commonly accepted one is that he was once an angel who joined in the Great Rebellion, then changed his mind in the midst of the battle.  For his apostasy, but in view of his repentance, he was sentenced to walk the Earth among men until the Great Judgment.  Intro: PHANTOM STRANGER #1 (1st series).

NIGHTWING (formerly ROBIN I; Dick Grayson): Costumed hero, leader of the New Titans, and former partner of Batman.  Dick Grayson’s parents, the Flying Graysons, were killed by protection racketeers during their act.  He petitioned the Batman to let him help bring their murderers to justice, and did so as Robin the Boy Wonder.  Later, after a stay at college, he gave himself the new identity and persona of Nightwing.  Intro: DETECTIVE COMICS #225.

KRYPTO: Superman’s dog, who was launched into space in suspended animation in one of Jor-El’s experimental rockets and later crash-landed on Earth, where he resumed life as a superdog and the pet of Superboy.  Member of the Legion of Super-Pets.  Intro: ADVENTURE COMICS #210.

STRONG, OLIVIA TALLOW: Wife of Captain Horatio Strong. Intro: ACTION COMICS #439.

VIRUS X: A deadly Kryptonian disease akin to Earth’s leprosy.  Almost certainly fatal when contracted, the only remedies are exposure to a certain radioactive element or White Kryptonite.

LINDA LEE DANVERS II: A non-super-powered clone of Supergirl, formed by the union of several tiny Supergirl clones.  At first she adopted the identity of Carol Raines, provided by Superman.  Later, after Supergirl left Earth, she assumed the identity of the original Linda Lee Danvers, Supergirl’s secret identity.  Intro: DARING NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERGIRL #10 (as six Supergirl clones), 19 (as Linda Lee Danvers clone).

Part 6:

BIZARROS: Imperfect duplicates of Superman, originally created by an imperfect duplicator ray made by Prof. Dalton, later recreated by Lex Luthor.  Demented by Earth standards and living on a square world, the Bizarro code of living predicates that everything must be done in opposite of Earth fashion.  Intro: SUPERBOY #68.

WHITE KRYPTONITE: A version of Kryptonite which is fatal to plant life.

REACTRON (Ben Krullen): A villain given nuclear powers accidentally by an Army bomb test; enemy of Supergirl and the New Doom Patrol.  Intro: DARING NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERGIRL #8.

DRAKE, PROFESSOR: Scientist in the employ of the Council who created the six tiny Supergirl clones that merged to form Linda Lee Danvers II.  Later killed by the Council.  Intro: DARING NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERGIRL #10.

GOLD KRYPTONITE: A variety of Kryptonite that can permanently rob a Kryptonian of his powers.

LUTHOR, LEX, JR.: Son of Lex Luthor and Ardora.  He was killed along with his mother in the explosion that destroyed Lexor.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #544.

Part 7:

MALVERNE, DICK (nee’ DICK WILSON): Former orphan at the Midvale Orphanage, where he met Linda Lee.  Later, he and Linda dated until she went to college.  Now the fiancé of Linda Lee Danvers II.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #256.

JERRO: Merman from Atlantis and former beau of Supergirl.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #269.

BRAINIAC 5 (Querl Dox): 30th Century super-hero and member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  A native of Colu, Brainiac 5 is the descendant of a Coluan youth forced to travel with the original Brainiac to cover up the fact that the latter was a computer.  Later, Brainiac II discovered a way to raise his intelligence to the 12th level and passed this trait along to his descendants.  Another former beau of Supergirl.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #275.

BERKOWITZ, IDA: Linda Danvers’s former landlady in Chicago and mother of the super-villainess Blackstarr.  Intro: DARING NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERGIRL #1.

RAYMOND, JOAN: Linda Danvers’s former housemate in Chicago.  Intro: DARING NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERGIRL #1.

DECKER, PHIL: Member of the University of Chicago music department and former beau of Linda Danvers.  Intro: DARING NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERGIRL #8.

BLACKSTARR (Rachel Berkowitz): Super-villainess, daughter of Ida Berkowitz, and enemy of Supergirl.  Rachel Berkowitz, a Holocaust survivor turned anti-Semite, gained cosmic-level powers by understanding and applying the Unified Field Theory.  Intro: SUPERGIRL #13.

METZNER, DR. BARRY: A professor at the University of Chicago who once briefly turned himself into a future man by an evolution machine and fought Supergirl.  Intro: DARING NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERGIRL #3.

Part 8:

RON-DAR, NE-WANS, GON-DAR: Members of Ar-Rom Studios’ board of directors.  Intro: This story.

AR-ROM, HYLITHA: One of the major stockholders in Ar-Rom Studios, which was founded by her family, and head of its board of directors.  Intro: This story.

Part 9:

KOR-ONN, SHYLA: Rokynian undercover agent, friend and former enemy of Supergirl.  Originally a scientist who was sentenced to the Phantom Zone for criminal experiments, she later escaped it and tried to frame Supergirl for a crime.  Shyla later reformed, was paroled from the Zone, and became a spy for the government.  She killed Faora Hu-Ul to save Kara’s life.  Intro: SUPERMAN FAMILY #183.

FLASH, THE (Barry Allen): Super-hero and former member of the Justice League of America.  Barry Allen was given super-speed when drenched with chemicals knocked over by a lightning bolt.  He became a super-hero and named himself after his old comic book hero, the Flash (of Earth-2).  Later, after being wrongfully convicted of murder, he went to the 30th Century to live with his revived wife and her family.  Intro: SHOWCASE #4.

Part 10:

DIXON, MR.: Headmaster of Midvale Orphanage during Linda Lee’s time.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #252.

HART, MISS: Teacher at Midvale Orphanage during Linda Lee’s time.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #252.

HATTON, MARGO: The villainess role Linda Danvers played on the soap opera, Secret Hearts.

HAKAWEE: A race of aliens whose lives are ruled by astrology.  One of their number, Ranar, tried to claim Supergirl for a bride.  Intro: SUPERMAN FAMILY #177.

LOMBARD, STEVE: Former pro football player and sportscaster for WGBS, now owner of a sports shop in Metropolis.  Intro: SUPERMAN #264.

BRAINIAC: A computer in human form created by the computer rulers of the planet Colu, and sent by them to shrink and capture cities which he would place in bottles.  (He performed this feat with Kandor, a Kryptonian city, and thus saved the lives of almost all who would go on to populate Rokyn.)  Later one of Superman’s direst enemies.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #242.

TERRA-MAN (Toby Manning): A space-outlaw from Earth who affects Western dress and rides a flying horse.  Formerly the son of an Old West outlaw who was killed by an alien, Toby Manning was raised by the alien and trained in the use of his super-technology, which Toby adapted to his needs.  Later adopting the identity of Terra-Man, he revealed that he knew who had shot his father and killed the alien.  He then came to Earth, where he became an enemy of Superman.  Intro: SUPERMAN #249.

MXYZPTLK, MR.: A 5th Dimensional magician who came to Earth in his boyhood to play pranks, ran afoul of Superboy, played pranks on him, and was tricked by him into saying his name backwards, which exiles him to his own dimension for 90 days.  Since then, he has carried on a feud of pranks with Superman.  Intro: SUPERMAN #96.

BIG WORDS II: Member of the second Newsboy Legion, son of the original Big Words.  Intro: SUPERMAN’S PAL, JIMMY OLSEN #133.

LADY SHIVA (Shiva Woosan): Martial artist and mercenary who trained Kara Zor-El in the fighting arts.  Intro: RICHARD DRAGON, KUNG FU FIGHTER #5.

Part 11:

CAPTAIN COLD (Len Snart): Super-villain and former enemy of the Flash, who wields a cold-gun.  Intro: SHOWCASE #8.

KOBRA (Burr): Super-villain and head of the Cobra Cult who has long challenged the super-heroes of Earth and sought world domination.  He had a parasympathetic bond with his brother, until he killed him.  Intro: KOBRA #1.

SIGNALMAN (Phil Cobb): Costumed villain and enemy of the Batman who was inspired by the Bat-Signal to use signals and signs as a crime motif.  Intro: BATMAN #112.

SONAR (Bito Wladon): Super-villain who has mastered sound and uses a sonic gun in his crimes, which he commits to draw attention to his tiny nation of Modora.  Enemy of Green Lantern.  Intro:  GREEN LANTERN #14.

GREEN ARROW (Oliver Queen): Costumed hero and member of the Justice League of America.  When stranded on a desert isle, wealthy playboy Oliver Queen learned how to become an expert with the bow and arrow to hunt his meals.  Later, when pirates landed on the island, he created a makeshift disguise, defeated them, and returned to the mainland to begin a career as the crime-fighting Green Arrow.  He later became a mentor to Roy Harper, who became his partner Speedy.  After losing his wealth due to a swindle, Green Arrow became an outspoken left-winger and champion of the “little man”, and undertook a long partnership with Green Lantern.  Intro: ADVENTURE COMICS #218.

ARDORA II: Clone of the original Ardora, Luthor’s first wife, who subsequently became the new wife of Lex Luthor (who cloned her) and the mother of his as-yet-unborn child.  Intro: This story.

ANGRIM, RUPERT: An entrepreneur cloned by Lex Luthor as part of a plot against Superman.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #500.

REED, DAN: A clone of Superman created by Lex Luthor as part of a plot against the Man of Steel.  He later lost his memory and was given a new identity by Superman, along with a job as a newscaster.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #500.

BLAKE, ANGELA: A woman cloned by Lex Luthor, who almost became his wife.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #510.

DNA PROJECT: A government-funded project involved in cloning and genetic modification.  Intro: SUPERMAN’S PAL, JIMMY OLSEN #135.

EVIL FACTORY: A Darkseid-controlled offshoot of the DNA Project, administered by Apokoliptic scientists Simyan and Mokkari.  They were responsible for cloning Morgan Edge. Intro: SUPERMAN’S PAL, JIMMY OLSEN #135.

NEWSBOY LEGION: A group of five youths, now young men, four of them descendants of kids who lived in Metropolis’s Suicide Slum and partnered with the original Guardian.  Their membership includes Big Words, Gabby, Tommy, Scrapper, and Flippa-Dippa.  They travel in a flying Whiz Wagon financed by Galaxy Broadcasting and designed by Big Words, are former partners of Jimmy Olsen’s, and occasionally film segments for WGBS News.   Intro: SUPERMAN’S PAL, JIMMY OLSEN #133.

GABBY II: Son of the original Gabby and member of the Newsboy Legion.  Intro: SUPERMAN’S PAL, JIMMY OLSEN #133.

TOMMY:  Son of the original Tommy and member of the Newsboy Legion.  Intro: SUPERMAN’S PAL, JIMMY OLSEN #133.

SCRAPPER:  Son of the original Scrapper and member of the Newsboy Legion.  Intro: SUPERMAN’S PAL, JIMMY OLSEN #133.

FLIPPA-DIPPA: Member of the Newsboy Legion, the only one who is not the son of an original Newsboy member.  Intro: SUPERMAN’S PAL, JIMMY OLSEN #133.

Part 12:

COVERT CORPS: The government spy agency which employs Shyla Kor-Onn on Rokyn.  Intro: “Zoners”.

TREG, COMMANDER: Shyla Kor-Onn’s boss at the Covert Corps.  Intro: This story.

PHI-ZOR: Semi-outlaw boss of Separatist’s Alley on Rokyn, a haven for Separatists who do not recognize the authority of the Rokyn government.  Intro: “Zoners”.

VOR-TOG, CAPTAIN: Officer in Rokyn’s Rangers Corps who came to Kara Zor-El’s aid against three escaped Zoners and personally fought General Zod.  Later Shyla Kor-Onn’s lover.  Intro: “Zoners”.

PARASITE, THE (Maxwell Jensen): Super-villain and enemy of Superman.  Max Jensen was physically changed by a chemical explosion into a purple-skinned being with the power to leach away powers and abilities of any person he is near.  His new physical state allows him to survive even if he is liquified or turned into a gas.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #340.

FIRESTORM (Ronnie Raymond and Prof. Martin Stein): Super-hero and member of the Justice League of America.  Raymond, a student, and Stein, a professor, were accidentally merged and given atomic and transmutational powers by a mishap at a nuclear plant.  When no longer Firestorm, the two separate into their original selves.   Intro: FIRESTORM #1.

HAWKWOMAN (Shayera Hol, aka Shiera Hall): Super-heroine, wife of Hawkman, and member of the Justice League of America.  Hawkgirl came to Earth with her husband and fellow policeman Hawkman in search of an escaped Thanagarian criminal and stayed with him on Earth to study their police methods and fight Terran crooks.  Intro: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #34.

DAXAM: Krypton-like world whose inhabitants gain powers like those of Superman when under a yellow sun and on a world of lower gravity.  Daxamites have a fatal weakness to lead.  Intro: SUPERBOY #86.

Part 13:

STARFIRE (Kory’ander): Superhero and member of the New Titans.  An alien princess who gained starbolt powers after Citadel experimentation.  Intro: DC COMICS PRESENTS #26.

CHANGELING (Gar Logan): Superhero and member of the New Titans.  Gained the power to transform into animals after an experimental treatment that turned him into a green monkey to save his life.  Intro: DOOM PATROL #99.

SPEEDY (Roy Harper): Superhero and member of the New Titans.  Learned archery from the Indian tribe who raised him, later became the ward of Oliver Queen and partner of Green Arrow.  Intro: ADVENTURE COMICS #218.

WONDER GIRL (Donna Troy): Superhero and member of the New Titans.  Orphaned girl rescued from a fire by Wonder Woman as a baby who was raised by the Amazons on Paradise Island, given their training, and endowed with their powers.  Intro: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #60.

KOLE: Superhero and member of the New Titans with crystal-making powers.  Intro: NEW TEEN TITANS (2nd series) #8.

CYBORG (Victor Stone): Superhero and member of the New Titans.  When part of his body was eaten away by an alien entity, his father replaced it with cyborg parts.  Intro: DC COMICS PRESENTS #26.

JERICHO (Joseph Wilson): Superhero and member of the New Titans.  Mutant son of Deathstroke the Terminator, endowed with power to enter and take over the body of anyone with whom he makes visual contact.  Intro: TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS (2nd series) #43.

Part 14:

GOLDEN GUARDIAN (Jim Harper II): A clone of the original Guardian, who carries on in his predecessor’s role with athletic ability and a police badge-shaped shield as a costumed crimefighter and ally of the Newsboy Legion.  Intro: SUPERMAN’S PAL, JIMMY OLSEN #135.

THORN, THE (Rose Forrest):  A crime-fighting costumed heroine from Metropolis, the Thorn is the product of a split personality suffered by Rose Forrest after her father was killed by the 100, a criminal organization.  Her conscious mind believes her incapable of violence, but when she goes to sleep, her unconscious mind makes her assume the identity of the Thorn and, as such, helped Superman and Lois Lane bring the organization down, though it has lately resurfaced as the 1000.  Intro: SUPERMAN’S GIRL FRIEND, LOIS LANE #105.

POTTER, PROFESSOR PHINEAS: Scientist and friend of Jimmy Olsen and Superman, inventor of the Elastic Lad serum, uncle of Lana Lang.  Intro: SUPERMAN’S PAL, JIMMY OLSEN #22.

ELASTIC LAD: Jimmy Olsen’s superheroic identity, assumed when he drinks Professor Potter’s potion which gives him stretching powers.  Intro: SUPERMAN’S PAL, JIMMY OLSEN #31.

ATOM, THE (Ray Palmer):  Earth-1 super-hero, member of the Justice League of America.  Ray Palmer was a scientist who discovered a means of shrinking himself through a lens created from white dwarf star matter, from which he created his red and blue costume.  Though he can shrink to subatomic size, the Atom usually operates at six-inch height.  Former husband of Jean Loring Palmer. (1st app: SHOWCASE #35)

Part 15:

GORDON, COMMISSIONER JAMES W.: Police commissioner of Gotham City, longtime friend and ally of the Batman, father of Batgirl.  Intro: SUPERMAN #76.

JOKER, THE: Arch-enemy of the Batman, criminal and murderer who builds his crimes usually around a comedy motif.  Gained green hair, chalk-white skin, and rouge-red lips while swimming through chemical wastes to escape the Batman.  Intro: BATMAN #97.

O’HARA, CAPTAIN: Officer of the Gotham Police Department and assistant to Commissioner Gordon.  Intro: WORLD’S FINEST COMICS #159.

Part 16:

TWO-FACE (Harvey Dent): Criminal and enemy of the Batman and former District Attorney of Gotham City, half of whose face was scarred by acid hurled at him by gangster “Boss” Moroni.  Two-Face affects a suit divided in half, one part impeccable, the other part shabby, flips a two-headed silver dollar with one scarred side, indicating whether or not his good or evil side will prevail, and builds his crimes around the motif of “two”.  Intro: BATMAN #81.

Part 17:

J’ONN J’ONZZ (aka MANHUNTER FROM MARS; John Jones): Superhero from Mars and member of the Justice League of America.  After losing a war to the White Martians, J’onn J’onzz was caught by an experimental transporter beam devised by the late Dr. Erdel and brought to Earth.  He assumed a human disguise with his chameleon powers and became a police detective, using his Martian powers to fight crime secretly and, years later, openly.  J’onzz left the Justice League to help his people build a home on a new planet, but recently returned to Earth and the League.  Intro: DETECTIVE COMICS #225.

ZATANNA (Zatanna Zatara): Superheroine and member of the Justice League of America.  Zatanna is the daughter of superheroic magician Zatara and inherited his magical powers, which she first used on a quest to find her long-lost father.  After sharing a number of cases with the Justice League, she was finally made a member.  Intro: HAWKMAN #4.

ELONGATED MAN (Ralph Dibny): Superhero and member of the Justice League of America.  Ralph Dibny gained stretching powers after isolating and drinking the active ingredient in Gingold, a tonic made from the ginkgo tree.  Shared numerous cases with the Flash, later became a superheroic detective, and was finally admitted into the Justice League.  Intro: THE FLASH #112.

WHITE, PERRY: Editor of the Daily Planet and Clark Kent’s former and sometime boss.  Intro: ADVENTURE COMICS #120.

ZATARA (John Zatara): Superhero, magician, and father of Zatanna.  Early in his career as a stage magician, Zatara learned that he had the power to work magic by saying words backwards.  He soon became a crimefighter and was cursed by the evil sorceress Allura to stay separate from his daughter until the curse was lifted, which it eventually was.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #1.

MALONE, MATCHES: A gangster who died in combat with the Batman, and whose identity the Batman often assumes when doing undercover work.  Intro: BATMAN #242.

LANE, SAM: Father of Lois Lane.  Intro: SUPERMAN’S GIRL FRIEND, LOIS LANE #13.

LEMARIS, LORI: Atlantean mermaid, former girlfriend of Superman.  Lori Lemaris met Clark Kent when both were in college.  Lori was on a reconnaissance mission for Atlantis at the time. She is currently married with two children.  Intro: SUPERMAN #129.

SELWYN, SALLY: Female rancher and former girlfriend of Clark Kent, when he was amnesiac and took the identity of “Jim White”.  Both planned to marry, but Clark broke off the engagement when he regained his memory.  Later, a Clark Kent impostor took on White’s identity but was killed by criminals.  Superman still regards Sally Selwyn as one of the great loves of his life.  Intro:  SUPERMAN #165.

TRANSFORMATION ISLAND: A reform institution for enemies of the Amazons on Earth-2.

VENUS GIRDLE: A belt designed by the Amazons for criminals, which compels obedience by the wearer to whomever commands her.

PURPLE RAY: A device designed by Wonder Woman of Earth-2 (and corresponding to one designed by Wonder Woman of Earth-1) which can heal human bodies through treatment with purple radiation.

MALVERNE, MR. AND MRS.: Dick Malverne’s adoptive parents.  Intro: ACTION COMICS #283.

LANE, ELLA: Lois Lane’s mother.  Intro: SUPERMAN’S GIRL FRIEND, LOIS LANE #13.

LANE, LOIS OF EARTH-2.5: Daily Planet columnist and wife of the Earth-Two Superman.  Intro:  ACTION COMICS #1.